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Shari Smith, 
Founder of Shari Sells

Shari has sold more than $2 Million Dollars on eBay and taught more than 1,000 people the power of selling on eBay. Her students have sold over $7 Million and won awards from eBay. Her students are all different ranges of ages, genders, locations and types of items they're selling. 
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Lee B, 

"I took your class and you gave new life to our business! TRUST THIS WOMAN !! Shari knows how to rev your business up and set you up for success . So thankful for her class!"
Free Gift Inside
Get a free $297 Gift at the end of the Case Study...
My Complete Business Plan
I reveal my complete business plan and how I've sold over $2 Million on eBay...
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**Shari is a professional eBay seller. Her success, and the income possibilities mentioned by her or her students, are not typical and are not a guarantee you will make money. You could make more, less or none at all.**

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